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Electronics, Audio systems,Information & Communication, Computer Software & Hardware, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Energy, Device fabrication and packaging, Integrated circuits, Signal and image processing, Hybrid electric vehicles, Transmissions, Brake systems, Medical devices and Manufacturing Technologies, Computer Software & Hardware, Mechanical, Satellite & Communication, LSI, Patent Opposition, Invalidation & Litigation.


International Intellectual Property, Patent, Trademark & IP Litigation, Patent Term Extensions, Trademarks & Unfair Competition, Domain Names, Designs, Utility Models, Copyright, Branding, Entertainment, Anti-counterfeiting, Anti-Piracy & Customs Enforcement, Criminal IP Enforcement, Technology Transfer, Licensing, Labeling, Advertising, Marketing, Sweepstakes, Promotions, & Premiums, Health Regulatory, Pharmaceutical Advertising, Antitrust, Investigation, Due Diligence, Startups & Ventures, Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, Project Finance, General Corporate Governance, Compliance matters, Cross border Corporate Insolvency, Corporate Restructuring and International Commercial Transactions & Complex Litigation.


Biotechnology, Biopharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Cleantech, Diagnostic, Food Technology, Green technology, Chemicals, Surgical, and Medical Imaging equipment & devices, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Biology and Chromosomal Engineering, Plant Science, Seeds, Supplements, Wind power, Solar power, Biomass and biofuels, Water and wastewater treatment, Hydrogen fuel cells, Waste treatment, Nanotechnology, Licensing, Litigation, Patent Oppositions & Invalidation & Designs.

SHUSAKU·YAMAMOTO has over 170 members comprising of technology specialists, translators and secretaries who all have at least 4 year University qualifications.

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