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A Remarkable Opportunity

A Remarkable Opportunity

Remarkable talent deliver remarkable results, and we are always looking for both. If you're thinking about working here, we know there are many things to consider. But we believe that we can offer the talented and tenacious something transformational.

As an enterprise that serves global innovation, our fresh graduate Talent come from every corner of the earth, with different life experiences and educational backgrounds to serve our clients for a minimum period of 3 years and longer.

We practice law at the very highest level of our profession and are recognized around the world for our expertise. Our people share an abiding commitment to excellence, pride in their work and relish the opportunity to be part of an elite force supporting the provision of top notch legal counsel to some of the world's cutting-edge innovators and clients. The three dedicated functional roles that we hire are:


Our assistants are recent university graduates whose diverse academic and personal records of achievements demonstrate a commitment to excellence. Whether you are part of our accounts team or our compliance and administration team, our professionals possess character, intelligence, maturity and they are dedicated and devoted to supporting each other and routinely exceeding our clients' expectations.

Generally, assistants work as part of a team under the supervision of a team leader in our intellectual property, commercial, technology, health, regulatory or compliance practice functions. Duties include administrative support, reviewing, summarizing and drafting correspondence, administrative and regulatory documents, recommendations, proposals, outlines, memoranda and guidelines, conducting due diligence, budget forecasting and conducting research. Supportive, dynamic and knowledgeable assistants are indispensable to the Firm's success.

Technology Specialists

Our technology specialists are recent graduates from distinguished bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. programs with experience in a diverse range of technologies including biosciences, biochemistry, molecular biology, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, computer science, electrical engineering, physics, mechatronic, software and telecommunication engineering.

Our tech specialists assist our attorneys in technical matters relating to our technology and intellectual property practice, including litigation, counseling and licensing; where they help in reviewing technical literature and publications, evaluate the patentability of inventions, assist in patent, prosecution, invalidation, litigation, licensing and other contentious matters.


With an unparalleled reputation for client service, we seek international entry level associates from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and interests. Our foreign lawyers will thrive in a challenging, formidable and rewarding international practice.

We seek newly qualified lawyers (entry level associates) who have flourished academically, who are motivated and intellectually curious, and whose passion, character and determination will fit with our client's demands and our firm culture.

Our entry level associates spend their first six months rotating through the firm's major practice functions. They will cultivate valuable knowledge, experience and understanding in all aspects of the Firm's practice, its work culture and collegial ethos.

The firm has an open office layout so there are plenty of opportunities to discuss and learn and much of the guidance is done by learning on the job and the case method with senior attorneys and colleagues.

Explore our Careers pages for the real inside view of what it's really like to work here, visit our milestones, meet our current and past talent, learn how their time here has benefited them professionally, find out how we relax and stay abreast of our current vacancies.

You will see that our Talents' rich experiences are intertwined with our achievements over the years and that we have the range and capacity to realize your ambitions and you too can add your luster to our lasting legacy.

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