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Dear Clients and Associates:

The Government of Japan’s decision to lower its classification of COVID-19 to regular flu on May 8, 2023 onwards will be crucial in reinvigorating Japanese economy and social activity which will have a great positive impact in the world economy as well.

Even though the past couple of years has been a rough period with the global health pandemic, economic tumult, and unprecedented geopolitical conflict; our law practice has been ably assisting and counseling our clients and associates on significant legal and intellectual property matters. The ever-increasing number of face-to-face business interactions will deepen closeness and enhance collaborative relationships with our clients and associates.

Since October 2020, like most leading companies around the world, we have embraced a hybrid work system and seamlessly provided noteworthy legal services to our Japanese, overseas clients and associates. Our Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Fukushima and Nanjing office staff members were all steadfastly busy with important client matters and cases.

We are very grateful that our clients have consistently consulted us regarding a wide range of challenging and difficult legal issues. We are often the “go-to law firm” when uniquely difficult issues and we are always ready to work with clients and associates towards the resolution of these legal issues.

With our clients’ continued trust and support and our top notch team at Team SY, we are able to not only maintain our absolute commitment to client satisfaction, relationships, integrity and outstanding outcomes, and we are also constantly enhancing our legal skills and capabilities to ensure reliable and dependable legal and intellectual property counsel and results.

I am very proud to say that Team SY is built for tough times, thanks to our decades of deep legal & intellectual property experience, our expert handling of tough client cases that others decline. Our team of dogged professionals work with a proven track record of flexibility, perseverance and success. Everyone on our team will be focused on you and we promise to consistently exceed your expectations, take a collaborative approach in working with you, and provide you with optimal results. Our firm’s unshakable mission is supporting your legal success in the Japanese and world markets. To our loyal clients and associates, I thank you for your continued partnership, warm support and close collaboration with us in these challenging times.

We look forward to working further with everyone to convey optimal legal counsel and services and amazing client achievements.

Kensaku Yamamoto, Esq.

Osaka, Japan

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