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What it means to join us

What it means to join us

Defy expectations, achieve and transform

We are the unparalleled platform for talent who delight in defying expectations, making a difference and achieving their maximal potential. It is undeniably hard work pushing and proving yourself, frequent long hours, overcoming obstacles - but also the most vibrant, thrilling and transformational stage in your professional life.

Be part of a team utterly devoted to the best

We are a performance driven culture where the talented are devoted to achieving exceptional client outcomes. You will achieve the best by working with motivated leaders, energetic colleagues and receive skills and opportunities that will power your career for a lifetime.

Receive the trust of clients great and small

Our clients' interests are paramount. We have an expansive clientele ranging from governments, universities, Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and individuals. Without their confidence, we won't have a firm, so we work extremely hard every waking day to sustain and grow that confidence. This is why our values, speed of performance and quality of client outcomes matter at the Firm.

Unleash the best potential in you

Here the work will be rewarding and demanding as you unleash your true potential, scale intellectual challenges each day and fortify your skills through continuous learning in a mutually-respectful atmosphere. You will have abundant opportunities to build and expand your expertise in law, business and stay abreast of cutting edge science and innovation.

Shape the future of innovation in the world

This is more than just joining a Firm. We take our role in safeguarding the world's innovation seriously. We work with the world's most technologically sophisticated companies, gifted Nobel Prize winners, trailblazing scientists from leading research universities & institutes and creatively talented individuals. When you join us, you will contribute to that tradition of no nonsense excellence and add your luster to that legacy of accomplishments.

After you join us and work here, you will value the journey as much as the destination. In view of our milestone achievements and outstanding record of client outcomes, our Firm is where you want to start wherever that career journey takes you.

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