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How we relax

How we relax

The milestones and achievements in our working lives are more meaningful when one has the chance to build and reinforce relationships with colleagues. We put this idea into serious practice at the Firm as we place an important emphasis on personal and social development.

Throughout the year, the Firm hosts a variety of official events where our talent can participate in regular social and professional development events. We organize office retreats, hanami - cherry blossom viewing - parties, practice lectures, seminars, summer parties, Fall BBQs and Christmas parties.

After our clients' work is done there is a plethora of outside work opportunities to unwind as you can see from the testimonials from our Talent. Relationships are strengthened, within limits, during such informal gatherings outside the office.

A Serious Social Agenda

Our foreign talent comprises that enviable demographic that pursues a serious social agenda with lots of informal events, and plenty of invitations to socials or drinks after work. You'll be spoilt for choice as to where to go on a Friday night or take in the bewilderingly beguiling and surprisingly inexpensive Osaka nightlife that is the locus of Kansai, one of Japan's most attractive, vibrant and pulsating regions.

Our foreign talent pursue their favorite out of office pastimes with the same zeal that they discharge their work duties for our clients. These passionate off-work pursuits include scuba diving in Shirasaki or the mysterious Yonaguni formations, whitewater rafting in Mukawa Hokkaido, communing with the snow monkeys in wintry Jigokudani, shooting the rapids at Oboke/Koboke, birding over 300 different species all over the Japanese archipelago, off trail snowboarding in Niseko, Geihoku and Shiga Kogen, marveling at the three thousand year old cedar trees in Yakushima, reveling in the ravishing splendor of one of the world's greatest culinary cultures where the Kansai metropolitan region comfortably hosts the world's largest assembly of 3 Michelin star restaurants, snorkeling the Sunabe Seawall, training and finishing the Lake Biwa Marathon, surfing at Ikumi, Isonoura or Hirano, competitive eating at the Hanamaki wanko soba noodle contests, fugu fishing in the Sea of Japan, trekking the Aso caldera in Kyushu or simply engaging in lower calorific exertions of living and sightseeing in Japan.

The Osaka area is the regional transportation hub for rail, air, road and sea transportation. There are three airports at Osaka, Kobe and Kansai which provide quick and easy flight connections to great destinations like China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali and many other exciting leisure destinations.

Kansai International Airport is also one of Japan's biggest budget airline hubs, making travel to marvelous overseas and Japanese destinations more exciting, convenient and economical. From Osaka, you can also board overnight ferries to Okinawa, Amami Oshima, Kyushu, Shikoku and even take the proverbial slow boat (a 48 hour voyage) to Shanghai.

The Firm is certainly not just all work and no play because our Talent certainly knows how to work very hard but also really enjoy themselves and deservedly so. The best way to become part of our valuable - and valued - resource is to join us. Submitting your application is the first step.

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