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0In recognition of its contribution to patent law scholarship, The British Library had acquired a copy of our in-house publication 20/20 for the Twenty First Century (1979-1999) in 2002.

If our clients, friends or visitors wish to obtain a copy of 20/20, please email Editor jtessensohn@shupat.gr.jp.

The 21 scholarly articles in 20/20 celebrated the arrival of the 21st Century. 20/20 is a collection of 21 articles covering all aspects of IP law from the world's leading IP practitioners and it addresses patent, trademark and litigation topics from a perspective that will be of concern to serious readers of international IP law. 20/20 represents the dynamic and cognitive views of well-regarded IP practitioners in Japan, the US and Europe.

In particular, Professor Donald S. Chisum, one of the world's leading IP thinkers, wrote the Prologue to 20/20.

Table of Contents

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Firm Members


Professor Donald S. Chisum

Patent Infringement Damages in the United States of America

Regan J. Fay, Esq., & Thomas R. Goots, Esq.

Breadth of Claims for Biotech' Inventions at the EPO

Charles Harding, Esq., Ph.D., Antonio Maschio, Esq., Ph.D. & Claire Power, Esq., Ph.D.

Protein Variants in Europe & the United States

Patrea L. Pabst, Esq. & David E. Huizenga, Esq., Ph.D.

Trilateral Disharmony: Enablement Standards for Pharmaceutical Inventions in the U.S., Europe & Japan

Kate H. Murashige, Esq., Ph.D.

Patentability of Software-Related Inventions Under the European Patent Convention (EPC)

Wolfgang Wess, Esq. & Maximilian Engelhard, Esq., Ph.D.

Guide to Patenting in the 21st Century

Peter Dehlinger, Esq., Ph.D.

Minimizing The Risk of WILLFULNESS In U.S. Patent Infringement Litigation

Paul Prestia, Esq.

Opposition in the European Patent Office

David I. Huntingford, Esq.

The Likelihood of Confusion Over Trademark Dilution

Stephanie K. Wade, Esq. & Emerson V. Briggs, III, Esq.

Cybor Corp v. FAS: Seizing Control of Claim Construction in the Federal Circuit

Michael K. Kelly, Esq. & Daniel R. Pote, Esq.

U.S. Patent Law & Biopharmaceutical Technology in the 21st Century

Robert Blackburn, Esq.

The Biotech Written Description Requirement In the United States

James F. Haley, Jr., Esq., Ph.D. & Jennifer T. Weissman, Esq., Ph.D.

The Influence of European Court Decisions on Community Trade Mark Prosecution

Carrollanne Lindley, Esq.

From the European Licensing Scene

Bernhard A. Kugele, Esq., Ph.D.

Business Methods: Opportunities & Risks in the New State Street World

Neil A. Duchez, Esq.

The Future of the Pan-European Injunction?

Brian Cordery, Esq., & Penny Gilbert, Esq., Ph.D.

Genomics-Based Intellectual Property Portfolios

Thomas E. Ciotti, Esq. & Karen Wong, Esq., Ph.D.

The Merits of CTM Registrations

Roger D George, Esq.

Broadly, Correctly & Openly - Japanese Patent Litigation as a Weapon for the 21st Century

Shusaku Yamamoto, Esq. & John A. Tessensohn, Esq.

The Internationalization of Japan's Trademark Law JONES NEW YORK

Shusaku Yamamoto, Esq. & John A. Tessensohn, Esq.

The Evolution of the Doctrine of Equivalents in Recent Japanese Patent Litigation

Shusaku Yamamoto, Esq. & John A. Tessensohn, Esq.

Distinguished libraries that have welcomed 20/20 into their collections include:

  • Arthur W. Diamond Law Library, Columbia University
  • Biddle Law Library, University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • Bodleian Law Library, University of Oxford
  • D'Angelo Law Library, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Lillian & Dr. Rebecca Chutick Law Library, Benjamin N. Cardozo School Of Law
  • Edward Bennett Williams Law Library, Georgetown University
  • Franklin Pierce Law Center Library
  • Garret W McEnerney Law Library, UC Berkeley School of Law
  • Harvard Law School Library
  • Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library, UCLA Law School
  • Indiana University-Bloomington School of Law Library
  • Jacob Burns Law Library, George Washington University Law School
  • John Joseph Moakley Law Library, Suffolk University Law School
  • Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library, Catholic University of America Law School
  • Kathrine R. Everett Library, University of North Carolina School of Law
  • King's College Law Library, London
  • Kresge Law Library, University of Notre Dame Law School
  • Leo T Kissam Memorial Library, Fordham Law School
  • Lillian Goldman Law Library, Yale Law School
  • New York University Law Library
  • Pritzker Legal Research Center, Northwestern University Law School
  • Squire Law Library, Cambridge University
  • Stanford Law School Library
  • Tarlton Law Library, University of Texas School of Law
  • The Asa V. Call Law Library, University of Southern California Gould School of Law School
  • The University of Liverpool Law Library
  • University of Michigan Law School Library
  • University of Minnesota Law School Library
  • Whittier Law School Library
  • William S. Richardson School of Law Library, University of Hawaii

20/20 was our Firm's special commemorative anniversary publication. Our Firm celebrated its twentieth anniversary on September 20, 1999.

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