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Spring/Summer 2001

SHUSAKU YAMAMOTO is delighted to present its first I.P. JAPAN of the new millennium. We look at the momentous IP developments of Japan in 2000. Part I spotlights high-profile cases of Japanese patent plaintiffs aggressively suing Japanese defendants. Japanese companies are using patents as part of their competitive arsenal contributing to an increase in litigation. Part II discusses important statutory and judicial patent law developments that will achieve the "wide, strong and early" protection of patent rights. Part III examines landmark statutory & judicial trademark/unfair competition developments, which provided greater trademark protection in Japan. Introducing a new feature of I.P. JAPAN, we will provide periodic news of the Firm's recent professional achievements. We hope that our tenth issue of I.P. JAPAN will be of great interest to clients and associates.

Issue Highlights

Japanese Companies' Use of IP as Strategic Business Weapons Increase Japanese Patent Litigation
  • Rare Double Million Dollar Victories in HB-LED Patent Litigation
  • Eisai Healthcare, Terumo & Nichia Score Patent Enforcement Successes Against Japanese Infringers in Japan
  • Speedier Resolution of IP Litigation
Key Pro-IP Owner Developments in Japan's Patent & Trademark Law
  • New JPO Guidelines Expands Software Patent Protection
  • Drug Screening Patent Guidelines
  • Dilution Protection for Trademarks
  • Domain Name Hijacker Loses in Unfair Competition Litigation

In This Issue

Mortal Combat in Japanese Patent Litigation Improving Litigation Economy
IP Litigation Developments & Initiatives
Internet Business Model Patent Litigation
Supreme Court Expands Scope of Patentable Plant Variety
Drug Screening Patent Examination Guidelines
New JPO Examination Guidelines
Madrid Protocol Trademark Regulations
Trademark Infringement Broadened
Supreme Court Endorses Dilution Concepts
Famous Jeans Stitching Design Protected
Domain Name Hijacker Loses Litigation
Firm's Recent Professional Achievements

I.P. Japan is only intended to highlight issues and not to provide legal advice. Should you have any questions on issues reported here or on other aspects of Japanese IP matters, please get in touch with us.

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