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Flora Bisan


“My co-workers give me inspiration to always do my best in my work. They are very passionate with what they are doing and are also helpful when I need assistance.”

Do you feel like you're having an impact directly on the clients that you work for?

The Firm has always emphasized that we should provide the best service for our clients. By making sure that my tasks are done properly, I feel that I am contributing to the ease of our Client's patent prosecution here in Japan.

What is the most important thing that working at the firm has taught you about yourself?

The Firm has greatly influenced my values as a worker. With its emphasis on quality output, I know that I cannot do my tasks just for the sake of finishing it. I must always think if the client would be happy with the service I am providing.

How would you describe your co-workers?

My co-workers give me inspiration to always do my best in my work. They are very passionate with what they are doing and are also helpful when I need assistance.

When I am not at work, I ...

usually read books. I also often go around Osaka to eat out because the food here is amazing.

How did you manage to learn a lot about your work within a short period?

I learned about the job through the people around me. I am really appreciative of my team leader's mentoring because I did not only learn the ropes of my tasks but also about the non-technical aspects such as office culture. My teammates have also been very helpful.

What is the funniest thing that happened to you since you arrived in Japan?

I once went to the grocery store to buy a piece of carrot and ended up bringing a dozen home. Because I couldn't understand the sign and the staff, I didn't know that it was on sale until I paid for it and the cashier handed me a bag full of carrots.

What are the challenging or difficult aspects of your work?

Time can sometimes be our enemy. With so many things to accomplish in a limited amount of time, it can be very challenging. However, we get to learn how to properly manage our time along the way.

What is the best thing about being a part of a global team?

Since a lot of us came from different countries, I get to have a chance to learn about other people's culture and work ethics.

I am looking forward to ...

learning more about Japan's history and culture by discovering more books about Japan and visiting the country's historical landmarks and museums.

What were the initial difficulties of adjusting to life in Japan?

The language barrier was the most challenging aspect in Japan. Initially, when I went around and got lost, I used to be hesitant in asking help from the locals because I cannot properly communicate with them. However, Japanese people are very helpful and would go out of their way to assist you even if it's difficult to understand each other. Plus, translation apps are very useful.

What advice would you give to newbies?

If there is something that you do not understand about your work, do not hesitate to ask questions from your teammates and co-workers. Everyone will be happy to help you out.

Of all the adjectives floating in your brain, give us three that best describe your life in Japan. First in English, then in your mother tongue.

Different - Lain
Enlightening - Makapukaw
Challenging – Mahagiton

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