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Meet Our Talent

Bianca Dacumos

Legal Assistant

“Grit, accountability, and willingness to learn and adapt would greatly affect someone's success in the Firm.”

How was Osaka in reality to what you had imagined before you arrived?

Working in Osaka definitely met all of the initial expectations that I had before I arrived in the country. I knew beforehand that Japan has a staunch reputation about their work ethics, work hours and high productivity, and it all manifested in reality.

How would you describe your co-workers?

I would describe my co-workers as tenacious and determined. In every work day, they do their work diligently, while simultaneously helping and keeping in touch with others. I've definitely benefitted from their expertise and training.

Do you feel like you're having an impact directly on the clients that you work for?

The training of the employees deeply ingrained how our work is valuable in providing the best patent protection to the Clients, in accordance with the Firm's emphasis in providing service with speed and quality. With every correspondence we send with care and competence, I know that we're having an impact on our Clients.

What is the most important thing that working at the Firm has taught you about yourself?

Working at the Firm has cemented my work ethics and my view on how professionalism really matters. The Firm has emphasized how the combination of hard work, efficiency and respect should go hand in hand in ensuring that you can have quality work and healthy environment. Further, the Firm has shown me how learning is an endless yet worthy pursuit.

What were the initial difficulties of adjusting to work life in Japan?

The most evident difficulty that I have to adjust to was the language barrier, where I have to be creative since I don't speak Nihongo. However, on my first few months in Japan, the coronavirus has also struck the country, which meant that I had to adjust to the new normal, as demanded by the pandemic, while still learning the ropes in the Firm.

What is the best thing about being a part of a global team?

It's highly interesting to see the variety of Clients that you serve, and the assortment of patent applications you assist in. It has also been beneficial to work with different nationalities in the Firm, since your understanding and perception of the world just becomes wider and more complex.

When I am not at work, I am

reading books, going out with my friends or talking to my family.

What are the challenging aspects of your work?

The work demands utmost competence and efficiency, at all times, regardless of how long the work hours are. Specifically, we have to be mindful of how we can complete all the work assigned to us in such a limited time, without compromising the quality. Through familiarity and experience, we get better in managing the workload.

I am looking forward to

basically everything Japan has to offer, without coronavirus hampering the experience.

What have been your 3 fondest leisure experiences in Japan?

Experiencing the breeze and sound of the ocean at Sandanbeki, going to Universal Studios Japan and Disney Sea, and visiting my relatives in Tokyo.

What three words describe the Firm best? First in English, then in your mother tongue.

Challenging - Mapaghamon
Efficient - Mahusay
Meticulous - Metikuloso.

What would you say makes someone successful at the Firm; and more specifically, what factors have made you successful at Firm?

I would say that grit, accountability, and willingness to learn and adapt would greatly affect someone's success in the Firm. It is accepting that you would not immediately know everything, but persevering through every assigned work and listening to your teammates, seniors and Attorneys would highly enhance your understanding of how the work should be done. Since the job at the Firm is also demanding and fast-paced, you should also have the grit and determination to do the work right. I just try to ingrain all these factors in my everyday work life.

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