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Meet Our Talent

Christelle Perez

Biotechnology Specialist

“Everyone that I work with is as brilliant as they are hardworking. To be surrounded by such driven people in the workplace has been nothing short of inspiring.”

What are some of the biggest differences between studying in Japan and working in Japan?

Somehow, studying in Japan gave me a preview of Japan’s work ethics on how everything needs to be done meticulously and how everyone is hardworking and dedicated. But I feel like the culture in a Japanese company is still very different from my experience in the University. Working in Japan is training me to have a deeper sense of responsibility. When I was a student, my responsibility is mostly to myself; however, when I joined the company, I became part of a group that collaborates harmoniously to get the job done.

How would you describe co-workers when you arrived?

Very smart, hardworking and helpful. I am really learning a lot from them.

What interesting technologies have you worked on?

So far, I have worked on various types of inventions including pharmaceutical drugs, implants, supplements, methods of treatment and/or detection, and a lot more. They are all interesting and very important technologies that have big impact to the society.

When I am not at work, I ...

chilling at home, spending time with friends or food tripping.

What are the challenging or difficult aspects of your work?

Delivering speed and quality. The work is fast-paced and we handle a lot of cases from different fields of study. This requires processing information and finding the best answers/strategies in a limited amount of time to accomplish all tasks within the deadline.

What were the initial difficulties of adjusting to working life in Osaka?

I have been used to doing experiments in the laboratory for 5 years in the University. Hence, working in a patent firm was really challenging. I had to learn a lot of new concepts (IP law and other fields of science) and figure out how to manage my time well.

I am looking forward to experience ...

travel in more different prefectures around Japan.

What is the most important thing that working at SY has taught you about yourself?

Working in the firm has taught me that there are still so many things that I need to learn but nothing is impossible if I push myself and give my best.

What have been your 3 fondest leisure experiences in Japan?

Snowboarding at Hakuba, hiking at Mt. Fuji, and touring Okinawa.

What advice would you give to a potential new colleague?

It may be very difficult in the beginning especially when you have no background or training in IP law and practice, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Just try to be open and take each step (case) as a learning process.

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