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Mizpah Capiña


“Being part of a global team widens my perspective not only about my work but also about my life.”

How would you describe your co-workers?

My co-workers are reliable and always accommodating. They always give me advice and words of encouragement which are really motivating and inspiring.

What were the initial difficulties of adjusting to life in Japan?

Language barrier. The first time I went grocery shopping, I was really worried whether I will buy the correct items. But thankfully, the locals were so accommodating and helpful.

Do you feel like you're having an impact directly on the clients that you work for?

Yes. I always make sure to provide clients an excellent work product and to give them the best course of action for their cases. Also, receiving letters from clients that they appreciate the work I did for them and/or that they agree with my advice is really fulfilling and motivating.

What are the challenging or difficult aspects of your work?

One of the challenging aspects of my work is the necessity to consistently deliver excellent work output in a fast-paced environment.

What is the most important thing that working at the firm has taught you about yourself?

Working at the Firm, I realized how committed I am as person in terms of delivering excellent work output.

What is the best thing about being a part of a global team?

Being part of a global team widens my perspective not only about my work but also about my life.

What have been your 3 fondest leisure experiences in Japan?

1. My first snow experience in Kyoto. I was really fascinated on how wonderful Kyoto is after being covered with snow.
2. Eating! Osaka is a food heaven.
3. Travelling.

I am looking forward to ...

travel with my family here in Japan.

When I am not at work, I am ...

making experimental dishes; visiting famous tourist spots in Kansai area; binge watching Korean dramas.

What one piece of advice you would offer to potential new colleagues?

Whenever in doubt, never hesitate to ask questions. It will save you, your colleagues, and the clients a lot of time and effort.

Of all the adjectives floating in your brain, give us three that best describe your life in Japan.

Exciting. Challenging. Fun

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